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Bit by Bit

provides a safe, regularly scheduled equine experience for individuals with special needs.

     We use equestrian activities to engage the bodies, minds, and spirits of people facing challenges in their lives.

     Certified professional instructors, trained volunteers, and skilled horses work with students to achieve individual goals.

Our Horses

are specially selected, trained and experienced with children and equine riding therapy.


HI! I’m Brutus! I’m a Belgium Haflinger Cross Gelding. I was born In 2001. I’m Sorrel with a flaxen mane and tail. That means my coat Is red and I have a blonde mane and tail. I have a large star and white stockings. I am blind In one eye, but that doesn’t slow me down In the arena.


My name Is Cookie! My full name Is “rolling woods cookie dough.” I am a Chestnut Welsh pony. I was born In 2004. I am the third youngest horse at Bit by Bit. I also love to run and roll In my pasture after a ride!


Hello! I’m Judge. I am a black and white paint horse. I was born In 1999. I really can’t live without my Zoe! I really, really love giving kisses and eating lots of hay. I am everyone’s favorite “judgey boy”!


Hello everybody! I’m the wonderful Sam. I am a Palomino Paint Gelding. I was born In 2006. I have a fantastic blaze and four stockings. I was born In 2006. I’m the tallest horse at Bit by Bit and am very quiet and stoic.


Hi y’all! My name Is Zoe. I’m a Bay with a blaze and three white socks. I don’t have a sock on my right front leg. I was born In 1998. I am a paint horse. While I don’t look like It, I have white spots on places other than my legs.


Hi! I’m Diamond! I am Bay Quarterhorse. I am the newest addition to Bit by Bit and love my new job and home. I was born In 1997. My best buddy is Cookie and I really like to be close to him in the barn and in our pasture.

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